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  • Do the practice tests cover any of the PWO-105 material? I am planning to get the new book in May but it would be good to know if any of the new material is covered on this site.

    Also, I could not find information on how many practice tests are offered. I have access to 4 but I am wondering if there are more for the CWNA. Is it possible to buy a new license to add tests, or are there only 4 available?

  • @CWNAB...I think there are only four exams on the Website for CWNA. I also checked my access and I have four exams for SP and one each for AP and DP.

  • CWNAB,

    In general, when it come to RF and Wireless fundamentals, a lot of the core concepts will still be the same even in the new version of the exam. There is only so much you can add to it. You will still need to cover RF, Spread Spectrum technologies, Modulation, 11n, site surveys etc. It can't all be 100% new never-before seen stuff :)

    If you are planning on taking the exam, then you will have plenty of time to study for it until the new version will be released.

  • PshychoFin,
    Thats very helpful information. The RF part is pretty familiar, the protocol nuances, are, new. Also, I am needing more practical experience, maybe I'll take a class, just to get some design and troubleshooting hands-on.

  • Robert, I learned more from the cwnp site practice tests just reading all of the question reviews.
    Thanks for your help

  • IMHO if it's your first attempt on a particular CWNP exam, and you've really only studied with the older book, I recommend that you NOT take the newer version of the exam. That is, of course, unless you're already a subject matter expert.

    Too many things will have changed including technologies, subjects, and emphasis.

    Again, that's just my opinion - learned by experience.

    Study, study, ..., study by the objectives !

  • I already reserved a copy of PWO-105. I wanted to take advantage of the book set deal that includes all of the exam study guides, but I would rather wait for the new version of the CWNA book, since I already have PWO-100 and PWO-104 and read them both twice+ each. I still find the reviews of the practice test questions to be the most thorough and precise explanations. Whoever writes them, hopefully will write a book, or perhaps already did. I also read the CWAP book. Though it does not include some of the newer PWO-104 topics, its a great practical viewpoint.

  • Hi All!
    Please anybody tell me when PW0-105 (updated version of 104) is being launched.??

  • Soon. Stay tuned.

  • and voila:

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