• A new whitepaper is hitting the Learning Center this week called 802.11i RSN Fast, Secure Roaming (RSN-FSR for short). You MUST use Acrobat Reader v7 to open it. Older versions give an error. It covers PMKSA Caching, Preauthentication, and Opportunistic PMK Caching in 20 pages of detail. This topic is highly important to having secure WLAN environments that are capable of supporting real-time applications. There are so many pieces of misinformation out there on this topic that it boggles the mind. The paper is written to set the record straight and to clarify where others leave things vague. Please offer feedback on the paper if you read it.



  • I'm ready for it man... Hurry! :)

  • It's posted. You can find any of my three current whitepapers by searching the Learning Center using these three terms:

    RSN - 802.11i RSN Fast, Secure Roaming

    AKM - 802.11i Authentication and Key Management

    Ripple - Protection Ripple in ERP 802.11 WLANs

    Have fun!


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