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    Iitially i prepared for CWAP and then realized CWNA is the right point to start. I cleared CWNA just one week back. Now again back to CWAP,and planning to take it soon. I just came to know that there are different vendor books for CWAP. I have CWAP guide from dreamtech publishers, to which i have gone through it fully, but the one preferred in is from MCGrawHill. Can some one clarify me if there is any difference in coverage of material with these different guides. Appreciate your help.


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    Never even heard of dreamtech publishers. Can you post an ISBN number or link on amazon? Perhaps we can review this book for future readers.

    Who is the third publisher? We're not aware of any other books mapped to CWAP other than the McGraw-Hill book.

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    Hii Subgon

    This is the same book from the Macgraw hill and the original CWAP with the only difference that McGraw Hill has given rights to Dreamtech Publication to publish the book for indian subcontinent.

    M also studying the same book and all this information is clearly mentioned on the 1st page of the book it self.

    So subgon . nothing to worry, this is the same book, u can study without any doubt.


  • Thanks Vinay, That makes me clear....


  • Just a little search revealed that not only has Wiley Licenced the CWAP Study Guide (tISBN :: 81-7722-534-0) to DreamTech or Wley India as they are on their Web Site:

    Wiley also has the CWNA Study Guide for sale as well (ISBN :: 81-7722-534-0). Both books are accredited to Devin Atkin and Jim Geier.

    The interesting thing is that both are available in the Indian Market for Rs399, yep three hundred and ninety nine Indian Rupees which translates to $8-70 each or ???¡ê4-74. A quick check on gives a recommended price of $74-99 each with a discount to $47-24 with yes indeed you lucky folks free shipping!

    So whilst everyone from Capitol Hill to Hollywood is complaining about the theft of their interllectual property rights, outsourcing and the loss to the US economy it seems that some other sections of the same whingers are busy education the competition at whatever price possible.

    I must admit if I was Devin or Jim I'd be just a bit miffed to find I that my future was being threatened and undercut by cheap labour bearing a Green Card just because they could show an education and qualifications that I seemed to have trained them for with my own scribblings.

    Ah the wonders of the free market.


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