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    Hii everybody..

    I have a doubt regarding the CFPMaxduration of CF parameter element.
    How this Value is used and for what ? If it says the maximum duration for a contention Free period ..then how will it act as NAV value and for which stations?

    M not clear with this ? Plz help me in understanding this?
    With Thanx

    Vinay Saini

  • It has been a while, but I think I remember it correctly...

    CFPMaxDuration is the total duration of the CFP. The station sets this value as their NAV at the start of each CFP. The STA knows a CFP is supposed to start based on the CFPPeriod.

    For example, if we use the following settings:

    -Beacon Interval = 100
    -DTIM Interval = 3
    -CFPPeriod = 2
    -CFPMaxDuration = 250

    Stations expect to receive Beacons every 100 TUs

    Stations expect to receive DTIMs every 300 TUs

    Stations expect to start a CFP every 600 TUs

    Therefore, every 600 TUs when the STA expects the CFP to start, the STA will set its NAV to 256000 (250 TUs).

    The STA never sets the NAV directly from receiving a CFPMaxDuration. It only sets the NAV of the STA whenever the STA's timer indicates that a CFP should be starting.

  • Hi Vinay

    Just wondering what analyzer are you using. Could you please suggest a best one, that can do EVERYTHING as an wireless lan protocol analyzer would do.

    I mean, will it be able to rip off the bits and bytes of wlan frames of all kinds, including the wireless voice protocols?

    I am looking forward to get a good one out of lot in the market (also to pass CWAP exam)


    Smith Joseph.

  • Hi Smith,

    I would suggest you to Go for Airopeek.

    Best Regards,

  • Thanks for your suggestion.
    But why would you suggest Airopeek when compared to others?
    Does it have any features that is especially good?

    (I was from Chennai too!)

  • I suggested you Airopeek ,just becoz it is much easier to Analyse frames than others. UI is simple .

    Best Regards,

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