All CWNE candidates should read this doc.


  • Hi Devinator,

    Sorry for this late reply, I've been travelling these last few weeks and was away from the forum...
    So information about me is not secret : my name is Jerome Henry, I work for a UK Cisco Learning Partner company called Fast Lane as wireless consultant. I've been working with wireless for about 6 years now, glad to be cwnp triple crown since last year. I am about to apply for cwne btw, I am just waiting for endorsements (I was the guy asking the question further down this forum, as it is a little bit unconfortable, at least here in Europe, to ask to a client to write that he "has researched ... (my) criminal history"... he often just knows that I saved his wireless network or helped him anyhow with a wireless problem, but the rest is a little too much to ask... but I'll find the right people...
    As for my job, I mainly do two things :
    - consulting on wireless security or "strange problems" (that's how they call them, but nothing is strange is wireless, it's just that people don't understand what really happens)
    - train Cisco partners, and often Cisco SEs, on new wireless technologies... fun part...

    I'd like to be more in the forum, but I'm travelling too much to follow seriously what happens here...

    Thanks for asking


  • Devinator,

    Just do a Google Search for Samarcande Wireless and you'll surely come up with Jerome's website.

    The same way I have learnt about almost all the big figures in here.

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