• With 3 weeks to spare.

    I have revisited the study guide too many times this year. It is tattered. But I have a nice new desk reference CWAP guide that I received when I ordered the practice tests.

    Who knows..maybe I'll be the last of the CWAPs.

    moe CWAP #oo

  • Oops..I forgot to give those their due..

    Criss Hyde
    Vinay Saini
    Joshua Bardwell
    Bryan H

    Criss, thanks for all the great, detailed answers.
    Compughter- Encouragement

    Vinay - your Pocket Guide was very helpful. I went through point by point and questioned and/or validated what you wrote using the official Study Guides and/or standards.

    jsicuran - thanks for the packet dumps you made available.
    GTHill - your study sheet was an excellent quick reference while I studied

    Mister Multipath - A very belated thanks for a CWSP class last year. You packed more into a 5 day class than I could believe was possible. Yet I actually retained quite a bit from the class- I strongly recommend David Coleman's class.

    Devinator, MurahliMohan, wk4u, Joshua Bardwell, Bryan H, S.Senthilraj, joelb - Thanks for all the contributions- question, answers and comments- to this forum.

    Maybe someday I will get the chance to meet you folks.

    To everyone on the forums - keep asking and answering questions.

  • By (Deleted User)

    As devinator would say...SWEET! Way to go moe. You encourage me as well. Congratulations and keep moving forward.

  • Hi Moe,

    Nice to hear about your CWAP. Congrats! It's very motivational to me.

    I am preparing for my 2nd try.
    Would you kindly please tell about the new desk reference CWAP guide that you received?

    Is it different from the last edition's CWAP guide?

    Thank you.

    Smith Joseph
    (Toronto, Canada)

  • It is the exact same edition. Its a long story- but, in short, I got the CWAP Study Guide prior to it being packaged with the practice exam. When I went to purchase the practice exam it came as a package with a CWAP Study Guide. So, I have two study guides now.

    In addition to those two items, I got the new CWSP Study Guide and exams in the same package.

    Here is a question for Kevinator- I purchased the CWSP practice exam and Guide together. I later attended a CWSP class where I was given a CWSP exam key. And now I have a third CWSP exam key from the package I purchased to get the CWAP exams.

    Can I give these 2 extra keys to someone else to use?

    I'm not sure how much use they would be without the guide but I hate to see them go to waste.



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