• Have any of you WLAN professionals ever used the fairly new VoFi analyzer from Airmagnet?

    I do a lot of work deploying and troubleshooting VoWLAN networks, and wonder if it is worth the price? 8-O

    Any recommendations or experiences you can share are greatly appreciated.



  • Hi Chris,

    None of the instructors have seen it yet; however, we just worked out a deal with AirMagnet whereby some of our instructors are going to get to put it into their classes. We're excited about this!


  • Thanks for the quick response Devin!

    I know that this is a very new product and with such a high cost, it may be awhile before it really gets out in use.

    Please forward any communication you may have with your CWNP instructors. If my company decides to purchase, I post my feedback for you all on this forum.

    Thanks Again,


  • By (Deleted User)

    Look for some very cool features in the product in the next full release.

  • If you guys get some experience with this, I am having (serious) trouble justifying the cost of the product for what I can do w/ Surveyor Pro, AiroPeek, et al.

    Just getting MOS scores aren't really that big of a deal to me.

  • Actually, I have just been added to AirMagnet's beta test program for the VoFi 3.0 product. :D

    I do a lot of work with the Vocera's communications badge and I am looking forward to what this tool can provide from a troubleshooting perspective.


  • Same here. Mr. Multipath and I were on a 1-hour walk-through webinar for 3.0 beta today. SLICK stuff for sure. I'd be looking for these features to be added to their Enterprise product in the coming months. It just makes sense.


  • Correction to my previous post... I'm sure you figured this out, but instead of Surveyor, I meant Analyzer Pro.

    I'm looking forward to the info you guys are getting!

    BTW, I'll be finally getting the new AM Analyzer Pro 7.0 this week. You guys been using that? ...I saw it once and it looked nice.

    One of the questions I had was what kind of info it gives back from the new IEs especially in the 802.11n beacons/probe resp.

  • By (Deleted User)

    We've been using AM Laptop Pro since it was version 0.9b :-D

    I'm pretty sure Mr. Multipath and I had a HUGE impact on v6.0 before it was released because we listed about 20 items that needed to be added or corrected in v5.x.

    AM Laptop Pro, along with Wildpackets OmniPeek Workgroup with Voice are the leading-edge laptop analyzers on the market. They are a little pricey, but justifiably so considering what they can do.

    There are others that are very worthy - especially for the insanely good prices, such as CommView for Wi-Fi. Some freebies are OmniPeek Personal (for learning purposes only) and Wireshark (I'm not that familiar with this one). Another good analyzer is Observer 12 from Network Instruments.

    I've always been a huge fan of AirMagnet and OmniPeek (which came from AiroPeek). These analyzers do it all and each have their strengths. It's very tough to pick one over the other, and in fact, there have been MANY times that I've mentioned to students that they should learn and use both.


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