• I'm actually teaching protection right now in class. :)

    There are three ways an AP will go into protection:

    - An 11b device associates to the AP.
    - An 11b AP on the same channel can be heard by the AP
    - The AP hears an 11g AP that is in protection because of an 11b device associated.

    The last statement is the hardest to explain, so here is further explanation:

    11g AP goes into protection because of an 11b device associated. That AP will set the bits in the beacon as follows:

    Non-ERP (11b) Present: 1 = Yes
    Use Protection: 1 = Yes

    An 11g AP that hears that will go into protection and have the following Beacon bits:

    Non-ERP (11b) Present: 0 = No
    Use Protection: 1 = Yes

    Now, lets say another 11g AP heard the one above. It will not go into protection because the one it heard does not have the Non-ERP Present bit on.

    Let me know if there is anything else I can do!


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