• I need suggestions on designing of DHCP scopes and VLANS for a school district wireless lan.

    I have 5 schools one admin building where the WLAN controller will be located. Each building has about 500-1000 users.

    TIPS suggestions and resources are appreciated.

    The vendor is ARUBA

  • If all buildings are connected via gigabit fiber (or faster), then this scenario should be fine without further hardware. If not, you may need additional controllers.

    Regarding DHCP/VLAN, design would depend on how the network is already configured. If you already have something as simple as a single VLAN/DHCP-Scope per building, then I would stick with it. All you would have to do is to trunk the controller into the core switch so that it can participate in all VLANs, and have it perform DHCP-Relay functions (or you could let the upstream switch port do that for you - your choice).

    The end-result here should be to make sure that the wireless infrastructure blends with the existing wired network infrastructure in such a way that it doesn't cause you to change your network design (unless of course you don't like your existing network design).


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