• Count me in, too. WiFi and pig pickin'. What a great combo!

  • Oh no... this may turn into something... :) Anyone else? I'm trying to think of a list of events...

    1. Hog roast
    2. War driving in the Ferrari
    3. Tower climbing 101 (optional)
    4. Planning for and implementing long distance PtP connections
    5. Long distance PtMP connections
    6. User authentication in a WISP
    7. How to fish a stupid wire from someone's roof to their computer that is located in the most difficult part of the customer's home...

    Anything else?


  • Yeah, T-Shirts, hats and a club song.

  • neilmac Escribi?3:

    Yeah, T-Shirts, hats and a club song.


    You are officially the song writer. Remember to put a Southern Twang to it.

    I'll have the hats and T-Shirts made. They will all have the GTHill logo in big letters to make sure you know who loves you. :)


  • Gene, you got it.

    I can do both kinds of music, Country AND Western...


  • Wow. This thread went a long way. X-D

  • escuec Escribi?3:

    Wow. This thread went a long way. X-D

    Do I feel a hint of sarcasm? :)


  • Cisco offers some outdoor bridging classes through Giga-Wave.

  • I think it would be awesome to have a crew of us meet up. I'm only about a 8-9 hour drive to Searcy. How about everyone else?

    BTW, thanks for the tip vledford.

  • We're gonna need a bigger hog...

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