• vledford Escribi?3:

    The laptops on the network are generally fine.

    The only thing missing from that guide is using Spectralink in the EDCA profile

    Things that will cause voice to suffer

    - Co - Adjacent channel interference
    - non 802.11 Interference
    - Improper configuration
    - QoS not config properly
    - Security posture overhead (in some cases)
    - Firmware concerns (handset / controllers)

    Not having a good analyzer it is hard to really say, cause you cant see what is going on.

    I have limited exposure to S-link, as i live on the Cisco, Ascom, Vocera side. Does s-link have any untilities built into the handset to determine what the 'phone' is seeing? If so that would be a good start, perhaps retry counter?

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