• I am looking for an 802.11n 2.4/5GHz USB adapter. I intend to mainly use this for packet captures.

  • Jon,

    What app will you use to do captures? Wireshark? If Wireshark, I think the only one that will do promiscuous captures is their recommended device (

    A little pricey at $698, but it is the recommended USB adapter for Wireshark.

    (maybe someone knows of another one out there--for less $$?)

  • network monitor 3.3. Yeah, I know it's microsoft but I can do multiple adapter packet captures. I use airmagnet higher level troubleshooting, but sometimes I need to see the packets and I mean all of them.

  • Take a look at this link:

    Says (down the thread....) that net mon 3.3 only supports monitor mode in a/b/g. There is a list here of approved adapters that have passed the Windows logo test. But it is a long list.

  • Yeah, I've kind of wondered about that. I think I am either going to go with the Ubiquiti SR71-USB or the DLINK DWA-160 as they are also supported on Airmagnet VoFi Analyzer, which does support multiple adapters. Then I can see about some of the other options out there. Thanks for the post, good to know.

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