• Sean,

    The good news is you still have lots of time to re-study the material.

    According to CWNP, CWDP exam is extremely difficult. It covers every aspect of Wi-Fi design. Both study guide and practice tests are important; however, hands-on experience is indispensable for any professional certification prep.

    Good luck!

  • Now you are familiar with format and scope of questions, you can concentrate on your weak points before second try.
    Thanks to CWNP, "Confidence is back"!

  • You are right cwnpchina, Most of the questions are not simple out of the book. They need experience to answer. And you are right also, I will try my best to remember the tough questions and see what I can study. The thing that stinks is, I thought I knew most of the answers while taking the test. I wish I knew what answers I got wrong.

    I will Pass this next go around.

    Sean Rynearson

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