• I have 5 1040 ap's not connected to the controller, powered by poe injector but in a mesh configuration can I upgrade the image wirelessly thru the root or a neighboring ap??

  • I honestly don't know on this product, but I sure hope so. It is mesh afterall.

    Over the years I have worked with many products that could not be updated wireleesly . I have also worked with devices that said they could be, but died completely when it was tried.

    Due to the number of times I gotten burned on this issue, I always try to go for a hardwired update.

    I know my own companies products update correctly over wireless, but that's because that is one of the features I'm testing - bit I still hold my breath.

    When I update a lab instrument I even use a UPS to make sure the power doesn't fail while it's running.

  • Upgrading over the wireless should be fine, however....

    I would suggest doing an AP pre-download starting with the MAPs that are the most number of hops from the RAPs and working inwards.

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