• Hi everyone.

    I am looking at creating a wireless network of low cost access points (ie not full on enterprise 3x3 etc) that will be managed by a hosted (ie non local) central management/controller system., The requirement is that it MUST continuie to function if the access points lose contact with the management/controller.

    I am looking for any vendor suggestioins over and above the obvious:

    Aerohive/Hive Manager

    I think Meraki also functions this way.

    Can anyone recommend any other vendors that may be suitable. Remember, it has to function even if the access points lose contact and never reconnect.

    Thanks !

  • At least some of Meraki's AP's are controlled from the Cloud.

    Sorry, but I don't know anything more about them.

  • Check out Xirrus -- each access point has a built-in controller, so they can continue functioning if the network management server is unavailable.

  • Hi,

    Aerohive functions in this manner. Hivemanager is only used for configuration and monitoring. All control and data traffic is keep local between the APs. No functionality is lost is the event of losing connection to hivemanager.

  • Thanks.

    To reiterate, I have Aruba and Aerohive test systems up, I am just asking for what else is out there on the market.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi enesem,

    I install Motorola gear. Their "thick" APs such as the AP6532, AP7131 etc each contain a full version of the operating system. In addition, these APs can be set to a mode called "Virtual Controller" in which 1 AP can be set to act as a controller for around 6-10 surrounding APs (not sure of correct number here), and I believe this can also be setup as a "backup" mode for when the controller is lost.

    However the APs, when set up a certain way, do not even need to contact the controller at all - they can look after their own traffic once they have been set up by the controller.

    Another service that Motorola provides is a "zero-licence" backup controller. This means that you can buy a second controller but won't need a second set of licences. The second controller sits connected but idle. If the primary controller/connection fails then the secondary controller can take over the licences from the primary.

    I know I have gotten a bit off topic now - you wanted a low cost solution. For a low cost version of this Motorola solution look at having no controller at all and just using one of the APs in "Virtual Controller" mode.

    EDIT: I've just had a look at Motorola's [url=]website[/url] and found "[i]The access point will also continue to run if its connection to a local or remote controller is interrupted. The AP 6532 can serve as a virtual controller and coordinate the operation of up to 24 neighboring access points for mobility and QOS services ."[/i]

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