• Tom

    How exactly do "frames" taste ? :)

  • No, that's fine, and is what I hoped you would do - but I wanted to make sure.

    Also I brought it up so that new test takers wouldn't get confused.

    I also imagined some "trick" questions/answers that could have been invented that used mismatched clause numbers and PHY labels - to see if someone REALLY knew the 2012 spec.

  • Nah, no trick questions.


    And guru, they taste like shark, just like Ethernet frames ;-)


    Frames Are Food,


  • :) +1 Tom 

  • I have often commented on the forums that CWNP doesn't ask trick questions on their exams.   Nonetheless, over the years several guests have often said that you do.

    What the CWNP often does do, is ask questions in such a way that you really have to understand ALL of the terminology being used.    Sometimes what is most important is not in the "correct" answers, but what is in the "wrong" answers.   

    Sometimes answers are obviously wrong - but that's not always the case.  It often boils down to the word, the phrase, or the admixture of technologies, etc.   I don't consider these "trick" questions, but I know many people do.  

    I think of it more like "being precise", and I'm sure the test authors think of it that way too.   I'm not saying that I haven't been caught on these, I have.

    Anyway, I would consider mixing clause numbers, with the wrong PHY label as being in this category.   There are dozens of possibilites ! 

    It's just that for so long, they were an intregral part of my study. 

    All-in-all,   I am very glad you will no longer be using clause numbers :-).

  • And, BTW, Matthew Gast gave us a great blog recently about the renumbering of the clauses in 802.11-2012. Again, no need to memorize them for exams, but it is helpful when reading old whitepapers and books :)

    Frames Are Food,


  • Your own write-up on the clauses, that you did earlier this year, was also great.

    In fact, that whole series is great.

  • Leonardo -- during my study for the CWAP, I kept notes on concepts that the study guide didn't cover to my satisfaction or that didn't make total sense to me.  I also made notes on things that I needed to memorize, like the length of certain timers.  I had my wife quiz me on my notes as I got closer to taking the test.

    Your study materials seem spot on.  The 802.11 standard is very helpful, and I would use it to clarify concepts that you aren't confident on rather than just reading it straight.  Good luck!

  • Thanks all for the input and clarifications.

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