• You may have heard that the Wi-Fi Alliance officially launched the Wi-Fi Direct certification program Oct 25. For those not familiar with this technology, below is a very simple definition:

    [i]Wi-Fi Direct is an emerging technology meant to meet the growing demand for easy, portable wireless network connectivity. Wi-Fi devices will be able to make direct connection groups quickly and conveniently to do things like print, sync, and share content - even when an access point, router, or hotspot is unavailable.[/i]

    We all know that Wi-Fi is a WLAN technology, while Bluetooth is designed for WPAN. But it seems WPAN connection can now be made using the faster, further Wi-Fi Direct technology.

    A long-standing voice from the industry: Bluetooth will likely be kicked out by Wi-Fi Direct sometime. Response from the Bluetooth SIG is also clear: Bluetooth wireless technology is the most reliable and usable choice for personal area networks.

    Any comments?

  • From security perspective, WFA certifies WiFi Direct functionality, new security threats associated with AP virtualization appears (like Connectify, Intel My WiFi for Win7!)
    More FAQs:

  • I work with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi client devices. For reliability, and resistance to interference I'd say the Bluetooth devices do a better job.

    Our devices only require modest throughput, so you'll have to temper my response to this question. We get 250+' of range with our CLass 2 Bluetooth devices, along with good battery life.

    Originally, I thought that Wireless USB would really take off, but it hasn't seemed to do much. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places though.

    If Wi-Fi Direct does make it big, I'm sure my company will get into it. We'll just have to see.

  • The question is: Does introduction of Wi-Fi Direct mean that Wi-Fi is nibbling away at the WPAN market currently dominated by Bluetooth? Is this a technology issue or market issue, or both?

    [url=]The Bluetooth SIG showed their attitude[/url] as early as last October when the Wi-Fi Alliance announced they started R&D of Wi-Fi Direct: Wi-Fi Direct has resulted in confusion in wireless industry. And this Oct 26, following the official launch of Wi-Fi Direct, [url=]the Bluetooth folks reiterated their opinion[/url] that 'Bluetooth wireless technology is the most reliable and usable choice for personal area networks.'

  • There are too many BT devices out there to replace them quickly, no matter how hopeful the WFA is.

    If the economy was rip-roaring away, it might be a different story.

  • By (Deleted User)

    It's interesting too that in BT v3.0 and 4.0 specs, Wi-Fi is used to provide the high speeds. An access technology that relies on a different access technology to keep up with user demands is pretty lame. I'm just sayin'.

  • Is Wi-Fi Direct an enterprise-grade technology or just suitable for use in SOHO environment? (Note it supports WPS for easy setup.)

    Bickering between the WFA and BT SIG will not stop, for sure...

  • In my view WPS implies SOHO. An "Enterprise" has network/security personnel who want to "maintain control" and configure devices themselves. I could see this changing over time, but I would expect to hear of some security boo-boos during the transition.

    Frankly, from a testing point of view, I like products from like their Parani Bluetooth AP's that give each BT device an IP address.

    I expect that there will be some security problems with Wi-Fi Direct, due to unanticipated uses/misuses by the device owners. Hastily or poorly written utilities will also grab a few headlines - eventually they'll get worked out though.

  • Wi-Fi Direct has been recognized by [i]Popular Science[/i] with the [url=]Best of What's New 2010 Award[/url] only in one month - or 3 weeks, strictly speaking - since the Wi-Fi Alliance officially launched the certification program.

    Hmm, Wi-Fi Direct seems the current winner...

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