• Rol,

    CWNP is great in notifying, well in advance, when an exam is going to be updated.  And the test objectives would be updated as well.   (I understand the CWNA study guide is undergoing a complete rewrite at this time).

    I would have to defer to the CWNP staff to give an accurate date on when the CWSP exam will be updated.  However, even if it is later this year, you would still have adequate time to study for and take the CWSP exam, especially with your security experience.  There is nothing on the CWSP exam tab indicating an exam change.  However, an email to CWNP customer care might provide the info you need.

  • I have read that the SP and AP are both being updated next year.

    I was also thinking about the info in the books that are starting to age a tad, and the CWSP is probably the least changed I would think. Although I would rather learn from a newer book, I just don't want to wait until next year to begin those. Besides, if a new one comes out, it will be a lot easier to understand it with a foundation from the ones we have now.

  • Hi Neal

    yeah I'm beginning to think that's the way to go too i.e. just buy the damn book and get on with it, hey :>)

    At the end of the day if you spend ages learning it, the new stuff in the updated book will just be an add on to what you already know and hey, you can never have too much info, right. Better that we get a grounding on stuff now AND get the newer info when it comes out.

    I can understand that the CWNA needs updating. BUT again, even though a lot of it was about A,B and G with N being the new break-through, I think that background and history has really helped me understand things better. Im really grateful to have seen where it all came from and how it's changed. I'd hate to just be now starting out and learning N onwards i.e AC etc. I aint seen a B device for years but we do have a range of G and N devices on our network. Mainly N these days on both 2.4 and 5Ghz. 

    gcate on here has some great advice for sure. Well worth taking note. 

    I think I'm just going to choose one i.e SP or AP and go with it :>) It's all great stuff at the end of the day and totally relevant.

    I just think that the whole wifi educational thing has been caught on the hop a tad in that the increase in technology and use of wifi is enormous and I believe that from now on, updates to training material etc will prob have to be a 2 yearly thing max as otherwise it will simply be too out of date. The 6db rule applied to how wifi is changing and progressing hey i.e logarithmic !!


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