• To better internalize the information as I study for the CWNA exam, I will hunt down graphics, tables, and specialized presentations of wireless technologies, frequencies, encoding, standards, design and test methods, architectures, and protocols. I'm sure plenty of this is already in the study guide and other resources.

    But if anyone can drop a link to a resource for relevant technical posters of the type that are typically found in training centers and classrooms...


  • George, 

    Fluke Networks occasionally offers a wifi poster that is great for training. I requested one weeks ago, still waiting to receive it. 


  • Tektronix has a new poster on 802.11 Physical Layer and Transmitter Measurements which has a lot of good info on it if you are into the PHY..

  • Thanks Rick and Howard. I hadn't thought of looking to manufacturers.

  • Here's a link for various posters and materials on the Tektronix site:

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