• I don't see an errata thread yet, so I guess I'll start one.

    This is a tiny thing, I don't know if it even counts as errata, but it is the only thing I have noticed so far.  The fourth edition is really nice.  I've read the second, third, and fourth editions.  Each is better than the last.  I'm really impressed with how the authors go back and polish chapters where the content hasn't changed.

    Page 600 says "The power is supplied at a nominal 48 volts (44 volts to 57 volts.)"  802.3af had an acceptable range of 44 to 57 volts.  802.3at tightened that up to 50.0 to 57.0.   Clause 33 references both ranges in 33.2.7.

    Again, not a big deal.  It just jumped out at me while I was studying and prompted a trip to the IEEE.

    Great book!


  • Do we not do errata threads anymore?  I tried contacting the publisher, but I didn't have much success.

    The index says that clear channel assesment (CCA) is mentioned on pages 270 and 564.  The mention in the Spectrum Analysis section is on page 565.

  • I can't speak for the authors/publishers, but know that I'm at least reading these and I find them useful; so keep 'em coming ;-)



  • I think I found a couple of quirks in the assessment test.

    1. Answer to #32: The second to last sentence should be about path loss, not packet loss.
    2. Question #34: The PoE detection signature ohm values are not mentioned in chapter 17. I believe that should appear around the break between pages 598 and 599, but I can't see it. I have just the paper copy so I cannot verify by searching - I could be wrong.

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