• Took my first crack at writing CWAP today.  Missed it by a bit.  I had already rescheduled a few times and have a rather sizable engagement about to begin, so I wanted to at least make an attempt at it before I'm buried in other work.

    Was really blown away by how much more difficult I perceived this exam to be in comparison to DP and SP.  I'm glad I left it as the final exam to tackle otherwise I'd be feeling pretty overwhelmed at the moment.

    I look forward to my second attempt ;-)


  • I like your attitude.

    Good luck on the next try.

  • CWAP is not an easy exam and I hear more people failing the examination (typically by the self-study approach).

    How did you prepare for the exam ?

    1. Self-study (reading the Sybex CWAP official study guide book + CD-ROM with practice test) only ?

    2. Self-study Sybex Book + CD-ROM + CWAP handouts (slides) ?

    3. Item 2 (Sybex book + slides + CD-ROM) + Official CWNP  CWAP Practice Tests ?

    4. Attended an official CWAP class by an Authorized Learning Provider (ALP) and preferable by a

        CWNE (Expert) Level trainer (CWNT) and  (including Sybex book + CD-ROM (1) and handouts (2) and practice tests ?

    Personally I think the official handout gives added value to pass the examination:

    -      CWAP-270 slides (437 pages)


    Furthermore note that the CWAP training material and CWAP examination is going to be changed begin 2016.


    CWNE #108 / CWNT

    Board of Advisers for CWNE certification

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