• "The parents of an anonymous student at the Fay School in Southborough, Mass., allege that the Wi-Fi at the institution is making their child sick...

    The child, identified only as “G” in court documents, is said to suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome."

    And at 5 GHz no less !

    IMO, it is more likely that it is his teacher or classmates that are making him sick.

  • Have you seen the documentaries by Discovery Channel and BBC about this topic?

    (I can send it later, I am on 2x flights now)

  • No, I hadn't seen either.

    Sounds interesting.

    I do think the Brits like to push conspiracy theories though, so I'll try watch it very objectively.

  • Globeron's  "Gen-W".

    High Density –Wireless challenges  for Gen-W “the Wireless Generation”And how do we keep them healthy ?

    Jan 2014:

    (see last page for all the links)

    > or the playllist with all the videos:

    In our wireless classes we also use 1x AP per person. People and myself do get headaches if we have

    them all on max. transmit power configured (depending on the regulatory domain, e.g. some countries 

    can support 500 mW; 27 dBm) and if we put them at the same central location in the classroom, the

    RF signal will be amplified when the sine-waves  are in the same phase.  My view is that devices get certified

    "type approved" for the particular country for the device only,  but what if we put many devices (APs) very close

    to each other, including wireless clients (which are Transmitting devices as well)?

    WiFi is considered a "low powered device",  but compare it to what happens if we put many mobile phones on top

    of each other (typically 1W transmit power), which need to communicate back to the DAS or Telecom Tower ?

    RF health / EMF exposure is a sensitive topic:

    Both ITU (International Telecommunications Union) and WHO (World Health Organisation) do studies

    and give for example recommendation ITU-R BS.1698ITU-T Recommendation K.52ITU-T Recommendation K.61

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