• I just finished the exam. I typed at least half a dozen of comments to the questions. I hope the comments make their way from Pearson to CWNP. Most of them concerned typos. There were far too many - and I wasn't trying to proofread, I was trying to pass. English is not my native language, so probably I missed quite a few.

    The exam is no longer in beta, the beta phase is for ironing out the typos, at least. Or you could use any modern word processing software, even web browsers do proofreading these days.

    Yes, I did pass, so I am not going to take it again for the next three years. I am just trying to make the exam easier for others.

    Yours truly,
    the ProofReader

  • Congrats on passing the exam!

    What books did you use to study? Any other interesting resources?

    And the last question: did you take a CWDP class?


  • Thanks!

    I read the old Sybex book for PW0-250 and O'Reilly's 802.11ac Survival Guide as an addendum. Those alone should get you well above the 70%. I certainly hope Sybex will keep up their CWNP offerings, as they are good books.

    I had already passed the CWSP and CWAP exams, so I had some background to begin with. I also have experience from actual deployments as well. I do have CCNA Wireless also, so Cisco's WLC is familiar. All that added up, I passed quite comfortably.

    No classes around here (Finland). I believe the nearest are several thousand miles away and in a language I can't comprehend. That suits me, though, since I like to read alone and tinker with toys. As far as I know there is no CWNE in Finland, so I might get to be the first one someday :o) There is one Finnish CWNE, but he lives, works and got his spurs in the U.K. I don't know about his citizenship.

    Good luck to you! The CWDP exam is really worthwhile.

  • Hi Petri,

    That's funny:  "No classes around here (Finland)",  I have been doing 2x classes in Helsinki earlier this year

    (with the help of a well-known Finnish company in the Wi-Fi industry to send many of their staff and also other

    3x large Finnish companies have been attending the class).

    Correct there is 1x Finnish national, he is based in the UK  (I am the one updating the PDF with all CWNEs and

    called them if it is okay to be included, so that we know who is who in the Wi-Fi industry):    (also for APAC I put the list together).

    Also Globeron has online training for all modules:  

    which are BICSI recognized for CECs (see the PDF online). Register an account for more details.

  • What?

    If the classes were open (not company private) then their marketing missed me completely. Although, at the time I decided to pursue the CWNP certifications, I looked for tuition in Finland but after that I gave up, I have to admit. The only one that has caught my eye was an Ekahau ESS (at the time) class, that was fully booked way in advance. (I just checked and they are running ECSE in February 2017.)

    Is it kosher to mention company names in this forum? Helsinki is a small place and I can call up anyone and simply ask.

    Can you tell the subjects of the classes? I am interested if they were CWNA or the more advanced classes.

  • About the Finnish demographics: I used LinkedIn as the tool and here is what I found:

    CWNAs: 14 (up significantly since I last checked!)
    CWSPs: 5 (most of them I know)
    CWDP & CWAP: me

    I took the numbers as an indication there have been not that many classes in Finland. Of course, people could be shy about publishing on LinkedIn or perhaps there has been classes but no one passed the exam. Both seem to be unlikely. I believe people just don't know about CWNP over here.

  • The classes where public.  Globeron does/did marketing via several channels including Linkedin 

    (and it was even listed on the web-page, but I have not seen any lead, sign-ups via that channel).

    You can reach me at ronald at globeron com  and add you to the list of upcoming training

    (next are in The Netherlands 6-10 Feb CWNA (Utrecht), 13-15 Feb CWSP (Breda)

    and a special promotion.

    alternatively twitter  @globeron  

    (that's where all Wi-Fi professionals actually are, search on #WLPC or #WLPC_EU)

    About Finnish demographics, I also would like to understand (globally) where everyone is in their certification

    (like any other certification program does publish), there are more CWNA, CWSP, CWDP, CWAP in Finland btw.

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