• Hi Folks,

    I want to know how you guys do Active Survey.

    I generally use Ekahau to perform Active Survey. I install it on customer laptop and work. But sometime I find it difficult to install it on customer laptop because of their company policy restriction.

    I am thinking if there is some way to achieve the same without installing it on customer laptop.

    Let me know what you do in this type of situation.



  • If you can connect your own laptop to the client's network, you can do it the other way round. You need first to check the company policies, perhaps install the certificate and get a username and a password.

    Either way, you need a device connected to the network with the surveying tool installed. Which way is easier depends on the circumstances.

    I try to do this with the least capable device that can run the survey software. If you survey with a premium laptop with well engineered radios and antennas, you'll get results that don't match the experience of ordinary users.

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