• hello all ,

    are all protocols found in wired transmissions (OSPF,MPLS,RIP,..) can also be found or used in wireless transmissions ?

    is there a "list" of supported protocols for wireless transmissions ?

    thank for yours responses

  • Any protocol that can be sent over Ethernet, can be transported over a WLAN.

  • This, with the caution that 'can' and 'should' are not the same thing in this situation.

    Due to the half duplex nature of wireless communications, I wouldn't really want convergence of dynamic routing to be reliant upon it.  Things like voice traffic are tolerant of delay/retrans to a certain degree, but i can imagine establishing routing adjacencies over a wlan under often-not-ideal conditions would wreak some havoc unless you got really nitpicky about adjusting timers and things like that.

  • I agree.

    Obviously, some time sensitive protocols like NTP (Network Time Protocol), could be unreliable if run over an unstable link.

    Algorithms should have some kind of variation resistance built into them.   I think many times people try to tune things within unreasonable limits, and the system starts thrashing.   

    To borrow a phrase from Dirty Harry, the users of protocols, need to understand their limitations.

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