• I purchased the self paced kit for the CWTS (PW0-071) exam.  I'm concerned because the information seems a bit antiquated (talks about 802.11n being the new standard etc).  The study guide provided is the 2nd edition from Sybex and I see that Sybex now has a new version for the 2017 CTWS/CWS/CWT exams.  

    Does the study guide provided to me cover all of the necessary info (e.g. 802.11ac etc) for the 2017 PW0-071 exam?


  • The CWTS exam is retiring December 31, 2018. Your resources are valid for the current exam.

    CWS and CWT have effectively and jointly replaced CWTS for the future; however, CWTS is still available for an entire year for those already in the preparation process.


    Tom Carpenter

  • Got it...thank you!

  • This is what I was looking for, thanks

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