• Hi all,

    I just passed my CWNA exam and checking now the next steps I got really confused.

    I need to take both, CWSP and CWDP exams soon. And I just realized few things:

    CWDP current version is 302, and I read a lot of people complaining the certitrek book do not cover what is needed to pass, then both books (certitrek and sybex) should be read, is that true? the new book (certitrek is not enough?)

    CWSP current is still 205 but there are 2 different books?? which one should I follow to pass the exam?

    please any guidance?

    thank you

  • Certitrek books are published by the company behind this site and the certifications, so they should be to the point on the exams. Certitrek used to have a pact with Sybex for Sybex to publish books aimed at Certitrek exams. Sybex still sells the old books and has even updated their CWSP book to the latest exam.

    The Certitrek books have a lot less pages and are aimed at passing the exam, but you need to dig around the net for more information. Consider them more as study guides. The Sybex books have tons of information, they are well printed, professionally edited and have an index. The price is about the same for both.

    I bought and read the Certitrek CWSP book and passed the exam, but I have a strong background in infosec. After that I decided to stick to Sybex books. I read and passed CWDP using the outdated Sybex book and O'Reilly's "802.11ac: a Survival Guide" for the missing parts. For me the certification wasn't the main goal, but to learn the subject. The cert was just a way of verifying how I was doing. That's why I didn't mind the page count.

    I passed the old CWAP exam for which there is a Sybex book. The new exam is somewhat different in scope, so perhaps the old book is not the best source there. There is no What's New document for the new exam, although some other exams do have one. I suggested creating one in

    For CWSP I would read the new, updated Sybex book. For CWDP I still would read the two books mentioned above, but YMMV. For CWAP I don't know. (And I don't need to know before I have to recertify, unless I make it to CWNE before that.)

  • Summary:

    Sybex books are there since day 1 of CWNP (since 2001 ? or earlier).  They are not outdated (even the numbers are different)

    still Wi-Fi is based on a protocol defined in 1997 in the IEEE standard.

    IEEE recently updated the recent IEEE 802.11-2016 std).

    Note: none of all the books today covers 802.11-2016.

    CWNA exam - - get a Sybex CWNA-106 book  and get Certitrek/CWNP exam questions

    (or better do an instructor led training with practical labs, it happens too oftern in WiFi Design or WiFi Security training that the student does not have enough knowledge if they did self study. Not enough good understanding of the WiFi protocol and limited experience with all the WiFi tools out there in the market)

    CWSP exam - get the Sybex CWSP-205 book and Certitrek/CWNP exam questions

    (better to do an instructor led training, e.g. to learn and see how a Wireless Intrusion Prevention System works, and see how tools work and how to secure a WiFi environment end to end).  Theory is different than what happens in practice.

    CWAP exam -  see this post

    CWDP exam -- probably you need both books Sybex CWDP and Certitrek CWDP.  And also do both practice test pools on the Certitrek/CWNP website as both pools come from both books.  Not all questions are covered in one or the other book  (this is feedback from our customers).

    CWNE -- fullfill the requirements and submit essays with your real-life experience with WiFi in different domains, how did you solve issues, designed the network, secured it, etc. 

    Ronald  @globeron.

  • Thank you for information wery usefull for me!


    January 25th I pass CWNA, less then month later I pass Cisco CCNP WIDESIGN, and was really dissatisfied with Cisco study materials:
    Next exam I expect to prepare is CWDP.
    After comparison of old (2011) Sybex 864 pages book with a good references with
    new (2015) Certitrek 394 pages book with a bad references 
    I was really confused.. what book need I choose?
    My first suggestion was is order old Sybex book and read "802.11ac: Survival Guide" additionaly.

    Now I think I need both books Sybex CWDP and Certitrek CWDP as you (Ronald) recomend..

  • I am also studying for the CWDP.  My study materials as of now are:

    Sybex CWDP Study guide PW0-250

    Ceritrek CWDP Study guide CWDP-302

    O'Reilly 802.11ac A survival Guide

    I'll add things as the need arrises.  If anyone thinks of anything missing from this list please chime in!



  • Hi Bill,

    how far are you with the study material? How many times did you read the books?

    Did you find any interesting internet resources? I know there is a lot of blogs but some maybe be very interesting for CWDP study.



  • I want to hear good advice about education and the possibility of implementing projects.

  • I join your words. I read such blogs and watched YouTube videos on this topic. I was helped by such basic resources that provide direct links to the necessary books and pages in web magazines. I learned new encoding methods with the help of Internet hints and YouTube. This is the way to go.

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