• CWSP-206 book not available online in India (amazon), only Kindle edition available. Ordering from CWNP takes high shipping cost. 

    Is there any other way to purchase hard copy of the book (outside US)?

  • Even I am also facing the same problem.

    I would like to read from book hardcopies, it is not available in Amazon or other sites (only kindle version is available).

    When i tried to order from CWNP site, it is 75$ + 50$ added for shipping charges, which makes it more costlier that typical hardcopy purchases (I ordered book hardcopies for CWAP, CWDP latest versions from Amazon earlier).

    @CWNP, please kindly consider this and help me to get the hardcopies.

    Meanwhile, i already purchases CWSP exam voucher, but cant able to start preparing due to this. 

    And i would like to know, does anyone else facing the same problem (other than US)?.

    I saw even the same problem discussed last week in Clear to Send Podcast, CTS 207 with CTO of CWNP.

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