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    I'm studying for the CWDP -- and according to the study guides, I should be setting my access point power output to be equal to my 'lost common device, which is important'. 

    So for me, I have 1000 Dell 3100 Chromebooks, using this wifi chipset: Intel® Dual Band Wireless AC 9560

    I can't find anything that says, the max output power (mW) of that Intel chipset. Where do I go to look up that information? I can get a lot of specs off Intel's website on that card, but nothing about EIRP / mW etc. 

    How do you look it up? 

  • By Howard - edited: December 24, 2020

    It might be hard to find the EIRP, because that depends on the Antenna(s).

    Find the FCC certification number on the radio, and look up it's actual certification.  Pay careful attention to the number of streams, as the power-per-stream my be quoted differently than what you might expect.

    It is often easier for a manufacturer to build a handheld device with wide channel support than it is to build one that uses multiple radio streams.  That is due to the difficulty in placing multiple effective antennas inside really small confines.  This is especially true if marketing types, who often make outlandish claims, have excessive say-so in new product development.

    That could make a very interesting post all on its own. 

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