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  • CWNP

Book Review: 802.11ac - A Survival Guide

A review by Tom Carpenter, CTO of CWNP, of 802.11ac - A Survival Guide written by Matthew Gast, and key takeaways garnered.

Continue reading...

  • CWNP

WLAN Foundations: Locating Interference and What to do once you find it

How to locate, and remedy, wireless interference. Continue reading...

  • CWNP

An 802.11 Outlook: Say Goodbye to Access Layer Wires

A look at the future of wired connectivity as a primary access layer. Continue reading...

  • CWNP

GUEST BLOG: Up the Speed: 5 Tips for Deploying 802.11ac

Karthik Krishnaswamy, Product Manager with Fluke Networks, AirMagnet Division, outlines top 5 tips for deploying 802.11ac Continue reading...

  • CWNP

Getting Started in Wireless: Wired Foundation Skills

Wired networking is a key topic to understand in order to be a successful wireless professional. This post covers a few of the places where wired and wireless overlap and some suggestions on how to get started learning. Continue reading...

  • CWNP

To Surf or Not To Surf. That Is The Question. - Devin Akin

Guest Blog by Devin Akin of Aerohive Networks - In this post, Devin, with the help of several CWNE reviewers and contributors, discusses the various considerations to be made when implementing 802.11ac in enterprise networks. Continue reading...

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