• Actually i have completed my CWNA few months back....

    Now i am confused to move ahead with CWNP i.e giving CWSP or CWAP or should i go back to basic Cisco certificates.......

    I want expert advice, because i dont think that CWNA is having more value in india.

  • Vicky,

    By all means go with what will do you the most good.

    If all you are going for is certificates, and Cisco is what your employer cares about then go for them.

    But, if you want to go for real understanding of the technology, and the concepts behind it, then I would stick with the CWNP cert.

    Other than Cisco gear, the vendor neutral training will do you more good  overall in the field..

  • I always give the same advice when people ask me what certs to get;

    Search for jobs you want to have, and then align yourself with the credential requirements of them.  

  • Hi vicky

    I am also planning to embark on CWNA exam soon and I need your favor concerning the current materials or stuff to read; could you please email any readable material to my e-mail address: Thanks   

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