• Loooooong time no post, but I am back from the world of EvDO and back to WiFi! Hello all, It just feels right to be back in public spectrum.

    Question on antenna design for MiMo deployments with a sector. On Cisco 1252s I???¡é?¡é?????¡é???¡éve seen where the outer two ports (RxTx(A) port and RxTx (B) port both have a sector and then the center (Tx only (C) port) is an omni for diversity. I have also seen deployments where all 3 ports have a sector. My thought is the Omni plus 2 sectors is best for diversity. Anyone have resources or definitive documentation on a best practice?

    I missed y'all.

  • oh come ones wants to chime in on something this controversial?!?!

    Am I:

    A) ostracized for lack of posting while I messed with blackberry and aircards.


    b) not making any sense in the question.

  • Sorry - no slight intended.

    Your question was just a mixed up bunch of #$%^*&^!

    Either you were just 'joshing' with everyone on the forum, trying to make people confused... or you really are confused yourself about how MIMO and 802.11 works.

    The rule for Diversity antennas (non-802.11n) has always been to make both antennas exactly the same, in the same plane, covering the same areas.

    But for 802.11N MIMO when you have more antennas (each as part of a radio chain) the same rules apply. Same antennas, same area coverage.

    Having one antenna covering a different area (ie. Omni vs Sector) will just cause a variety of problems in your network. Just like it did if you mixed antennas in plain old 802.11b diversity.

    (in fact, this has been one of the hardest troubleshooting jobs I've ever had to work on - the area of coverage that is busy goes fast, and the area with low traffic goes slow - a kind of backwards counter-intuitive situation)

    So we were not 'shunning' you - just sitting here confused with the question.

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