• Assume that i have a lot of APs resident in my room, and all APs broadcast with hidden BSSI

    How to locate physical location of each access point?

    Can you please give me some tips to do that?

    thank you,

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    1. Can you associate to it? - MAC/IP? Anything? Even if on the advertising interface.

    2. Trace Route

    3. Check the Arp

    4. Fluke NetTool

    That's a lot of APs.



  • Luckily we, and most of our customers, have Cisco AP's which we can flash the LED's off and on.


    Unfortunately the only way I know to do that is through the CLI.   Is there a way to do that through the GUI interface?

  • Yes there is a way to blink LEDs thru the GUI, under System Software - System Configuration.


  • In an enterprise where they dont know where the aps are to acover a large area I have surveyed the aea then tune down the RSSI to -50dbm. That will show you to within a short distance where they are and from there just use you client utility dBm

  • Record the radio mac’s of the AP’s and correlate that with your laptop, this works really well if you have a client util that will tell you the AP radio mac; Cisco CB-21 with site survey util installed.

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    I've used the radio's mac in the past.

    I've used lights.

    However, sometimes the APs are out of site - deliberately or even sometimes they are in locations owned by others - when I'm looking for rogues for example or surveying.

    I like the tip about modifying the RSSI for example.

    Other tips please?

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