• I would appreciate some feedback regarding CRC errors in a WLAN. In cases where CRC errors seem to be excessive, what has been root-cause in these cases, or ways that the CRC errors were reduced?

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    CRC errors cab be caused by :
    1. Interference that can be co channel or from some other source.
    2. Too much of power from an Ap will result in co channel intefrence, so if u r transmiting something on a chennel and try to capture frames on some nearby channel u might get a lot of CRC corrupted frames.
    3. Multipath can also result in CRC errors.
    4. If u r using a protocol analyzer which can not decode frames with particular encryption used , in that case also u will almost all CRC errored frames.

    so in general we can say that CRC results from Intefrence or may be misunderstood by the analyzer.

    again u can deal with the situation in 2 ways , either removing the interfrence source or making changes in ur network in such a way that it is least effected by interfrence i.e by setting proper fragmentation threshhold etc..

    I think this will help...

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