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    Hello Criss..

    Thanx for answering..

    It is still not clear to me , if according to you page 76 1st line is correct then ICV should be encrypted, but using protocol analyzer we can see the value of ICV.
    If ICV is encrypted how protocol analyzer can see it.

    Vinay Saini

  • Hi Vinay:

    The unencrypted ICV is a 32 bit value that looks random.
    The encrypted ICV is a different 32 bit value that looks random.

    The protocol analyzer shows for the ICV eight 4 bit hexadecimal characters, or 32 bits, that look random. The IEEE 802.11 standards and reason, not the analyzer, tell me the ICV displayed by the analyzer is encrypted.

    I hope this helps. Thanks. /criss

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    Hii Criss..

    when I decrypt the WEP data packet, analyzer gives me this info (its sample)

    WEP IV : 0*E01003
    WEP key Index : 0
    WEP data : (46 bytes)
    WEP ICV : 0*3B2F18A1

    Is this the encrpted value which is shown by the analyzer.

    With Thanks
    Vinay saini

  • Looks cryptic to me -- I mean encrypted. Sometimes an analyzer will have the key and can decrypt frames; this would include decrypting the ICV. If the frame body is not decrypted then neither is the ICV.

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