• In this scenario, an AP is configured with SSID, Open Authentiocation and a WEP key. The connecting station is configured with correct SSID but no WEP key.

    How can you know for sure that your station has 'AUTHENTICATED' with that AP?

    'NETWORK ASSOCIATION' cannot happen with that AP, because the station cannot send packets into the network due to lack of WEP key setting in the station, and any unencrypted packet will be discarded by the AP.

    Should I use protocol analyzers to check?


  • Hi Smith:

    Open Authentication and Association both succeed regardless of WEP keys. Data exchanges thereafter succeed only if both WEP keys match or both do not exist.

    Using a protocol analyzer can show the authentication and association states. Access point and Client utilities may as well.

    I hope this helps. Thanks. /criss

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