• Does anyone have a quick and dirty rundown of the RTLS vendors out there and the configurable data rates that they use. Aeroscout say they use 802.11 so... 1&2 Mbps? Ekahau... I cannot find anything on their site. Aginova ( is one that is new to me but they are using 802.11b data rates. I a side note, I would like to turn 802.11b off this year. Not helping me out here WLAN client vendors. What chip mfg's are still producing 802.11b only chipsets even?

  • Just speculating ... you might be able to find someone making hardware for just "b", but I doubt it. Motorola (Symbol) might have something since they have been in the business so long, and had such a large presence in warehouse & other barcode scanning industries.

    You could probably find scores of units on the Internet, but they would be at exhorbitant prices - in quantity that is. Usually it's not the speeds that someone is looking for, but rather some other feature. 802.11g devices are just so much better in a multipath space, that it just doesn't seem right installing "b" [u]only[/u] devices.

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