• You might already know that the Wi-Fi Alliance and the WiGig Alliance now cooperate for the development of a next-generation Wi-Fi technology. The new technology will work on the 60 GHz frequency band while backwards compatible for current 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi device.

    Craig Mathias from the Farpoint Group delivers a valuable [url=]video explaining the new technology and WiGig[/url].


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  • My biggest concern is that it may be unusable in many instances due to the use in PtP and PtMP backhauls and backup WAN links. I would love to have 60 GHz spectrum analyzer to map out where this frequency is being used. However, I do not have one and have no idea to this spectrum's prevalence in the wild. I only know that there are products sold that use it.

  • 60ghz backhaul links typically have such a narrow beamwidth and short range that I wouldn't think it would be much of a problem for a wi-fi setup.

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