• Hi Guys, 

    I am running UDP data traffic between an 2x2-11n-HT40 supported access point and a station and i am seeing a throughput of 180Mbps.

    i captured this data in the omnipeek sniffer and i observe a bunch of data packets of size 1.5k bytes followed by a block acknowledgement packets. 

    since i am running 11n traffic with aggregation is enabled by default, i should be seeing data packet size more than 1.5k bytes in omnipeek sniffer correct ??

    my query is why i am seeing data size of only 1.5k size in sniffer for each packet,  ideally it should be upto 64k for a-mpdu or 7k for a-msdu why is it showing like that in sniffer ?

  • What radios are you using? Its possible the radios aren't sending larger size payloads. Omnipeek is likely showing you what it is seeing. 

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