• As a fellow Ham, I also appreciate the knowledge gained from that field.   Especially that from studying for the Amateur Extra license.

    However, I would mention that many Hams think they fully understand RF propagation, but really only understand it superficially in a Wi-Fi sense.

    The short wavelengths, and comparatively miniscule output power levels of Wi-Fi really make it much more difficult to predict and control than HF or UHF.   That is not to say Hams have it easy - we don't.

    Comparing a 2.4 or 5 GHZ signals reflection off of a wall, or out of a doorway, is really not the same as predicting d-layer reflection, refraction,  or tropospheric ducting. 

    As a Ham, before you claim expertise in Wi-Fi RF issues, give yourself a while to study the WLAN field - you'll sound much more credible.

    Each area of study provides overlapping and unique issues to study.   Learning one only helps with the other.


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