• Hi Wireless Guys,

    I'm pretty early with this post, since I'm planning next year to go for CWDP and CWAP.
    For now I want to collect books, whitepapers, video's, and so on for my preparation.

    I know that the Certitrack books are less deep dive than the Sybex versions. Sadly the sybex books are not up to date with the last exams.
    So the question what do you advice for the certification track.

    Planning to reread those books for sure:
    802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition
    802.11n: A Survival Guide
    802.11ac: A Survival Guide
    CWNA - Study Guide 106 from Sybex

    and buy:
    CWDP Study Guide CWDP-302 from Certitrack
    CWDP Study Guide PW0-250 from Sybex 
    CWAP Study Guide CWDP-402 from Certitrack
    CWAP Study Guide PW0-270 from Sybex

    I'm planning for an online training for CWDP and a class for CWAP.

    What would you advice more for preparation?


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    Since you don't mention it, I assume that you already have a CWSP.

    In case you don't, I would add Jim Geier's book Implementing 802.1x Security Solutions and Real 802.11 Security by Edney and Arbaugh.  

    Geier's book is especially helpful if you, like me, don't get the opportunity to spend much time actually configuring security options.  

    I credit that book with helping me pass the CWSP exam.

    (thanks to Petri below for catching my typos)

  • I don't have CWSP yet. Planning of course, but our company had a security department that also do some wireless security. The department where I work for is more design and troubleshoot. So that's why I want to start with those two.  So CWSP will be after this one. 

  • It will really help you to have your CWAP before you take the CWSP exam.

    I'm a visual kind of guy, but the Spectrum Analyzer analysis can still be a bear.    Get as many COLOR screenshots, from as many sources, as you can.   Get yourself a Chanayzer for 2.4 GHz, at least, and run it under as many scenarios as you can.

    The exam does not stress these overly much, but you may find the exam upsetting if you get them all wrong (I don't need that kind of stress during an exam).   Note especially that Wi-Fi devices running by themselves, are much easier to recognize than those in a crowded RF environment.

    It would be helpful if you can pick out DSSS, OFDM, Bluetooth, video cameras, etc.and maybe even Zigbee from off the SAME chart.  

    For diagnosing security problems, I find the web is a good reference - just know that there are variations for some securities, and what you're using may not be what you think you have in place.

    Best of luck.

  • @Howard: I guess you mean "Real 802.11 Security: Wi-Fi Protected Access and 802.11i"

    Thanks for the tip, I haven't read that one. I'll check it out.

  • You are correct !

    I'm all thumbs sometimes.

  • I'm planning to do CWDP first. There is a lot of overlap I heard from my trainer. Just plan an online training. In Q3 there will be a CWAP training course in the Netherlands. And as last CWSP. 

    Thanks for the book for CWSP. Are there any other books for Design and Analysis beside the sybex and certitrek books?

  • There is a good book, especially for the CWAP, but I am recommending it with a big caveat.

    It is entitled  802.11 WLAN Hands-on Analysis by Byron W. Putnam.

    It was originally supposed to have support files and a sniffer program to go along with it.     Both the files and program disappeared very shortly after the book was published.     That's a  shame because it has some very good material in it, and analysis that I haven't found anywhere else (to this detail).    It's section on throughput analysis is the most complete I've ever seen.

    Of course, like any book on a fast changing topic like 802.11 there are some notes that are no longer current e.g. fields that were reserved but are now in use.

    Given all that, if you can find the book at a discounted rate, and you remember that it no longer has the files or program available, it is a very good asset to have around.

  • Recently i passed for CWNA exam and now looking forward to CWDP. I started studing using the cititrek guide but after reading so much on the (old exam) sybex book i also bought that. It just got in yesterday and will go through sybex first to soak up all possible CWDP topics and then fill in the exam gaps with cititrek ;)

    Also have '802.11ac: A Survival Guide' but havent started on this... does it come as an audible book? that would be great to listen to while driving to work hehe.

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    Before the 802.11ac guide, I STRONGLY suggest you read Gast's first book (The Definitive Guide).    Both the 802.11/ n and /ac books make references back to it, which doesn't help if you don't have that book.   Also, neither of the little guides have indexes, which can make reading them a nuisance.

    I have seen a few free on-line versions of the first guide. 

    It's my personal feeling the everyone in Wi-Fi should own a copy of the Definitive Guide.

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