• The Bluetooth SIG is presenting a webinar on November 8th at 10 AM entitled:

    "What makes Bluetooth mesh so disruptive?"

    From their description.:

    Hear his personal story of the development of mesh and find out why the creation of this Bluetooth standard will lead to massive disruption in building automation, wireless sensor networks, asset tracking, and more.

    You can register for the webinar at:

  • Well, if you wanted to see why BT Mesh is going to be disruptive to the BT market, I guess this was a very interesting webinar.    The ideas they presented were interesting and definitely a big step forward - for BT.

    However, if you wanted to ask them technical questions, say regarding interference to other devices, they didn't say much at all.   In fact, I asked two questions related to effects on other devices and what effect 802.11ax would have on their mesh networks and got no response.   And I'm sure these were two of the very first questions they received.

    They promised to respond to the "many unanswered questions" through direct emails, but I never got any response. 

    Disappointing. .

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