• 11. Wifi web sites[b]. Many good websites with wifi info. Filter out the bad ones. Good stuff on,,, (yes, good wifi info on the Micro$oft site). Look around and bookmark the good ones.
    12. Internet.[/b] After exhausting the above, do general Google searches on info you need. Be careful?if you cannot confirm information from three reputable web sources, don?t count on it to be accurate. Wikipedia has good wifi information, but since anyone can edit this site, be sure to confirm it. (I told an IT friend that the ?textbook? for the CWSP exam was the Internet. That?s not totally, true, but?.)
    13. What I would do differently if I had to take CWSP again:[b]
    a.Volunteer[/b] for a group who actually does set up enterprise wifi setups (WLAN controllers, WIPS, installations, etc). Tell them you are learning and would like to watch or volunteer (installing APs, walking around doing a site survey, whatever). Hey, all they can say is no. If so, ask some other company if you can do it.
    b. Flash a bunch of Linksys routers with DD-WRT firmware[/b]. No, they will not be enterprise class APs, but they will have many more enterprise-class features and will do data roaming. You can configure them with scripts and set them up with FreeRADIUS.
    c. After I was ?sure? I could not study any longer, I should have taken one more month to study.[b] I found a lot of stuff in my last two weeks of study I thought[quote] I knew but needed to clarifiy and would have loved to have had two more weeks.
    d. Use the study format that works best for YOU:[/b] flash cards, locking yourself in a room for a week, two-hour study maximum at a time then a break, etc.

    Hope this was helpful.

    Good luck to all in your endeavors to learn from the best in wifi at CWNP!

    Glenn Cate, CWNA, CWSP (as of 4/29/10)

  • Brilliant and congratulations looks like you earned your sprurs.

    Will you be continuing your studies? Whats next!

  • Pete,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I have CCNA, (but expired) and a bunch of MS certs. I have looked at CCNA Wireless (since we are a Cisco shop).

    I actually am intrigued at going full (gulp!) CWNE, as the next two NEW certs (CWAP and CWDP) have modified the CWNE program a bit. Still, looks like a two year process or so, maybe sooner.

    But I am also looking toward a full-time wlan position. I am in IT in a pretty large company in the Tampa Bay area and like it. But I don't do fulltime wifi and that is what I really LOVE to do. So, I will use this forum for any networking contacts. Hey, I would even volunteer to help schlep some WLAN contollers and APs (as long as they are "thin" APs...) and do some walking site surveys!

    Thanks again, Pete for your encouragement.

  • Glenn,
    Thanks for all the info, this is some great stuff. Especially telling us all the nooks and crannies of the internet that you used for your study. I'm aiming to sit my CWSP next month, so I hopefully will be one of the first CWSPs under the new exams. Congrats!

  • By (Deleted User)

    Nicely done Glenn. Some of us are not far from Tampa.

    Thanks for the resourceful post.


  • Hi Darby. I see you and your fine posts on the forums a lot.

    Area code 407. must be near Mickey-Land!

    I help keep the electricity on for you and Mickey, too!

  • You are right. 407 area code is Florida where you can find the Mickey-Land :) By the way if you are unsure about any area code then just go here . You'll find needed information about area code.

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    The article is very helpful for us, please update daily through   so I know more useful information.

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