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    Hi all,

    Having a problem confusing me. The frames transmitted from other clients are treated as noise or not for other clients on the same channel?

    If not, does it mean on a crowded and busy channel the client can get good SNR when it is quite close to AP if no non-wifi interference but the channel utilization is bad.  

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    Multiple AP's on the same channel would be considered as CCI, or Co-Channel Interference.    However, up to some level, I would not consider it to be noise.   Personally, I would consider BlueTooth signals to be noise if we are talking about Wi-Fi being the primary communication method.. 

    The SNR or Signal To Noise Ratio could still be quite high, even if the channel is very busy - especially if the two devices are close together.

    I've seen Wi-fi working just fine if Utilization was as high as 85%.   It really breaks down into the applications running.  For example are you trying to stream a video, have a phone conversation, or merely searching the web.

  • Make sense, thx for your reply, bro.

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    Speaking of 85 %:

    In my many years of computer experience, I have seen just about everything fail when utilization gets as high as 85%.

    It doesn't matter if we are talking about disk or memory utilization. channel throughput, or scheduling algorithms.

    Once you get near  85%, even the best designed schemes seem to fail.

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