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An 802.11 Outlook: Say Goodbye to Access Layer Wires

A look at the future of wired connectivity as a primary access layer. Continue reading...

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GUEST BLOG: Up the Speed: 5 Tips for Deploying 802.11ac

Karthik Krishnaswamy, Product Manager with Fluke Networks, AirMagnet Division, outlines top 5 tips for deploying 802.11ac Continue reading...

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Getting Started in Wireless: Wired Foundation Skills

Wired networking is a key topic to understand in order to be a successful wireless professional. This post covers a few of the places where wired and wireless overlap and some suggestions on how to get started learning. Continue reading...

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To Surf or Not To Surf. That Is The Question. - Devin Akin

Guest Blog by Devin Akin of Aerohive Networks - In this post, Devin, with the help of several CWNE reviewers and contributors, discusses the various considerations to be made when implementing 802.11ac in enterprise networks. Continue reading...

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A Tale of Two Wi-Fis - A Guest Blog by Devin Akin

Often I (Devin) get the question, “Can two Wi-Fi systems be co-located beside each other peacefully?” Absolutely. This may be the case when performing a Wi-Fi system upgrade, vendor changeover, or well…you just happen to think that having different Wi-Fi vendors play different roles in your Wi-Fi network is cool.  Whatever your reason, there are some specific items to be aware of when it comes to installing two disparate Wi-Fi systems side-by-side. Continue reading...

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The WiSE Article Series: Interference from Non-WiFi Sources, Part 2

In this second part, we continue the discussion on non-Wi-Fi interference sources. We consider three further types of non-Wi-Fi devices: digital video cameras, ZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4), and jammers. The figure below places these devices on the two-dimensional view introduced in the previous article; the previous three devices are also included for comparison and completeness.

Continue reading...

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