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BLOG: The U.S. Pressures Allies to Ban Chinese 5G Tech

The Trump administration has adopted a policy designed to prevent Chinese tech companies from developing the 5G network to block them and the Chinese government from installing back door spying capabilities into the network.

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VLOG: How Exactly is Information Transmitted Wirelessly?

Although the wireless transmission of data is largely taken for granted, when one stops to consider how it actually happens, it does seem magical. There is, of course, a scientific explanation that can be understood by a non-WLAN professional. That explanation is the subject of this blog post.

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BLOG: The Health Effects of Wi-Fi Exposure

These days Wi-Fi is quite literally as ubiquitous as the air we breathe. For most Americans and much of the entire world's population, Wi-Fi signals broadcast in their homes, places of work, in cars, on airplanes, in the stores and cafes, they frequent and of course, through the omnipresent smartphones and handheld devices they use. This begs the question. Are there any deleterious health effects associated with living in this environment? Concerningly, the answer to this question is yes.

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The Health Effects of Wi-Fi Exposure

George Casper addresses some of the harmful impacts of Wi-Fi exposure and some action steps to mitigate these impacts.

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How CWSA Helps In Understanding Algorithms

Tom Carpenter gives a brief on how CWSA can help you in understanding algorithms needed in AI.

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Wi-Fi in the Sky

What are the "ground-based models" and "satellite-based models" for inflight Wi-Fi to which this article refers and how exactly do they work?

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The Reality of 5G and CWSA

Tom Carpenter gives a brief on how the new Certified Wireless Solutions Administrator (CWSA) track goes beyond Wi-Fi.

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How the Huawei Executive Order Affects 5G

On May 15, 2019, President Trump issued an executive order declaring a national emergency related to information technology in the United States. The order seems to be specifically designed to block the transfer of technology and equipment to China and the Chinese technology company Huawei. Although the Trump administration has not described the order as specifically directed towards China or Huawei, there has been much buzz in conservative media about the threat China poses, particularly with respect to the construction of the soon-to-be-implemented 5G network.

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Beyond Wi-Fi: Meet the CWSA

A new certification track that opens up the world of wireless!

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Wi-Fi Trek Keynote: Protocol Analysis

Our conference attendees love learning about how networking works, and protocol analysis is one of the best ways to get down to where the rubber meets the road and understand networking. One of the leading protocol analysis experts in the world has come on board as our Wednesday keynote speaker for Wi-Fi Trek 2019.

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