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How To Succeed During and After Your Wi-Fi Certification

The world of wireless certifications is vast and at times, confusing. If you've considered getting a certification to elevate your WiFi career, you may have had questions or hesitations like these:

• Which certification is right for me?
• I'm not a good writer. They're going to decline my application because my writing is bad.
• I don't know who I'd ask to endorse or recommend me.
• What do I do after I get my certification?

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6 Things to Expect from IEEE 802.11ax

802.11ax is here. Now what does that mean for the wireless industry? Hardware vendors and implementors alike. David Coleman gives us his top thoughts on how this release changes offerings and approaches to come. 

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2017: A Year in Review

This year has brought a lot of change to CWNP. Here's our look back:

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Modulation Basics

Modulation is defined as the process of manipulating a carrier signal so that it can represent intelligent information. Multiple kinds of modulation exist, but they fall into two general categories: digital modulation and analog modulation.

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The Road to 200 CWNEs

The CWNP CWNE certification saw a greater than 20% growth in the year 2016. This includes only the approved CWNEs as of early November this year. With more applications in the pipeline, this is likely to result in a more than 25% growth rate in 2016 over 2015. Reaching 200 approved CWNEs is a significant milestone for this certification and the buzz in the field indicates a continued increase in growth rate for next year.

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Selecting the Best Antenna

This blog covers information on the importance of selecting the best antenna and understanding coverage patterns.

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CWNP Wi-Fi Trek Conference

Time to Jazz Up Your Wi-Fi Knowledge Before Time Runs Out!

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Tools of the Wi-Fi Trade – Protocol Analyzers – Overview

In this blog, we will talk about protocol analyzers, what they do, why they are important for a network engineer, and which is the best protocol analyzer available in the market today. These are lot of questions to be answered in a single blog, but I will try.

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Top 5 Reasons to Get a CWNP Certification

Since wireless networking professionals are more in demand than ever, having in-depth knowledge of recent technology is critical.

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What Everybody Ought To Know About Rising Visions for Wi-Fi Services Towards 2020

This blog post contains the emerging opportunities and visions for Wi-Fi services towards 2020. You are likely familiar with the fact that wireless networking has proliferated rapidly worldwide in the past decades.

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